Monday, May 23, 2011

Tofu Sammie and Graduation!

I've been super busy lately because we are going on a TWELVE DAY VACATION!!! I am soo excited! I graduated yesterday and we are leaving this Thursday! So, there won't be any posts for awhile, but I'm going to have some amazing pictures when I get back! And I'll also do food reviews, of course :)
My parents, sister, and Michael came to the commencement. Also, I got honor cords! I had no idea I was going to get them until I signed in, so that was a good lil surprise! It was apparently supposed to tornado yesterday, but luckily the storms stopped so we could have some photo moments outside of the venue (because the place was PACKED!)
Here are some photos from last night:

The other day I made these tofu sammies! I love making baked tofu and I had some extra Daiya lying around, and that always makes everything better. The sandwich is just baked tofu that had been seasoned with garlic powder, basil, and oregeno. I also cut up tomatoes and put the tofu and tomatoes on a cookie sheet in the oven until browned. I then flipped it over and browned the other side, and this is when I added the daiya onto the tomatoes. I served this on Ezekiel bread.


  1. Congratulations on your graduation! And your sandwich looks delicious!


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