Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Product Review

We picked up this Instant Chocolate Pudding from Trader Joe's when we went a couple of months ago. Has anyone tried this stuff before?! Some of the pudding mixes you find in the regular grocery store are accidently vegan, but they don't thicken up right! They usually make more of a pudding soup than actual pudding. Well, this stuff was amazing! I'm bummed out we didn't get more of it! I had to keep Michael from eating the entire batch in one sitting, it was so good! It thickened up just like pudding is supposed to too.

All you do is mix the pudding packet with 2 cups of nondairy milk (we used a mix of soy and almond, only because after we started pouring the soy, we ran out and used almond to make up the difference). Mix it up! We used our whisk attachment for the immersion blender (favorite kitchen tool!). Then let set for 5 minutes and try to control yourself from eating it all at once!


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