Here is a list of the recipes on my blog! The majority are my original recipes.  If I adapted the recipe from another or it's someone else's recipe altogether, I noted it on the blog post. If you have any questions, please ask!


Banana "ice cream"

Sweet Potato Burgers

Quinoa and Bean Chocolate Chip Cookies

Amy's Everyday Breakfast Smoothie

Deconstructed Falafel

Flaxy Apple PB Bake

Breakfast Protein "pudding"

Roasted Red Pepper Mushroom Burgers

Sourdough Pretzels Baked Tofu with Sweet Potato Onion Gravy

Vegan Pozole

Butter Bean Cakes

About my recipes/my philosophy on food:
I try to make healthy foods using whole ingredients. As far as meat substitutes go, I can be pretty picky. I do like some, however, I prefer to use foods that have as little processing and as little ingredients as possible. When I want to use a meat substitute, I prefer tofu, tempeh, and home made seitan. As far as fat goes, I tend to not add extra fat to my recipes. However, I am not anti-fat. Fat is important in a healthy diet, I choose to get mine mostly through nuts and seeds. I also prefer to get my fat in a way that is most satisfying to me. What I mean by that is, if I make a muffin recipe, I'll use apple sauce instead of oil to make the muffin because you can't really taste the difference! But then I might add some Earth Balance on top because I can really taste the difference then! So, I might choose to leave oil out of some of my main dishes, but then drizzle olive oil on top for extra flavor (because I'm not going to be able to taste the oil that I used to sautee the onions, it's going to get lost in all of the other flavors!) However, there are times when pan frying something is just the best way to go to get your dishes nice and brown! With my recipes, you can choose to do which ever way you prefer!