Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Favorites!

Ooohhh I just realized it's Friday, and I get to do my favorite things!! Being out of school for a week has made me completely lose track of what day it is. I went through most of yesterday thinking it was Wednesday until my mom told me otherwise..

Anyways, here are some of my favorite things lately!

This is something I saw on Oh She Glows, and I wish I would have made it the second I saw it! Basically, you take your favorite nut butter, I did peanut, and add in some non dairy milk, I did Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (the recipe calls for a few other ingredients, but I did just the PB and almond milk). It makes it soooo smooth and creamy!! I can't believe how amazing it was!! And it basically cuts the calories in half.. which won't really matter for me because now I want to eat even more! You can add as much non dairy milk as you want to achieve whatever consistency you like. We didn't add as much as in her photo below, ours was super creamy and fluffy like frosting though!!

These broccoli burgers look so good! It has all my favorite things, broccoli, cous cous, and chickpeas!

This family photo is too cute!

I love these pear pillows! I love when things are made to look like food :)

I also started an Etsy shop! I love thrifting so much and I am currently not working so I decided to open this shop! If you're interested in any of the items (I know there's not much there right now, I just officially opened it yesterday..) you can get a 20% discount on any item by using the code "CLEMENTINES". My favorite item from the shop is this dress. It's sooo cute!!! It's going to be hard to part with some amazing items I find, but I just don't have room for them all! This shop will help me to not pass up those items and help them find a home! (Am I crazy?! haha it's like I'm talking about homeless cats or something)


  1. Yes, I have to make Angela's almond butter sometime too!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, friend! You have a lovely place here too - loooove the colours!

  2. You HAVE to make that stuff, it is amazing!

    And thanks for your comment on mine, your blog is one of my faves :)


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