Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Favorites!

Blogger has been down all day and now I don't have the time to post the recipe I wanted to! I will post it either later tonight or hopefully tomorrow.

Here's somethings I love right now!

Ryan Gosling. Not only is he a super babe, but he is an amazing actor! I can't get enough of him, I've been watching all of his movies and he's amazing! (Although watching him in All Good Things was kind of (really) weird, because at one point his character is aged AND dresses like a woman..)

These salted cornmeal cookies from Of Cookies & Carrots look so interesting and good to me! I want to try making them!

This cake from Fragrant Vanilla Cake. I've never had anybody make me a vegan cake..this is really all I want in life! :)


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