Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Favorites!

Just wanted to do another quick post today about my Friday favorites! (I might be back later today or tomorrow with some more recipes too!!)

I just caught up with Glee yesterday and I loved this performance!! Kurt is my favorite and he did amazing, and he's looking super cute too!

This post my friend Kelly sent me on how to make an ice cream cake, it looks so good, I've always wanted to make one. Plus, this post includes a baby!

This cupcake my friend Dawn made! It was a chocolate pb oreo cupcake with a pb maple frosting. Unfortunately, I didn't get to have one but look how good it looks! Also, another new favorite thing of mine is putting quinoa in salad. Dawn fed me yesterday, she made a salad and dressing recipe from Appetite for Reduction, and it was good! I saw that recipe, but for some reasons didn't think quinoa in salad would be good, I was wrong! Plus, why haven't I been making my own salad dressings...

This picture. This is a whole other story, but I used to be incredibly unhealthy and now I am completely the opposite. I am a total health nut and fully believe that your food can not only be the key to living a healthy life, but also a healthy one.

And I can't even handle how cute this cat is.


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