Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Food (Review) & Friends

Today I went up to Local Flavors in Chesterton, IN with my friend Dawn and her boyfriend Tim. This place serves vegan food featuring Upton's Natural and Daiya as well as vegan ice cream (cones, sundaes, shakes) by Chicago Soy Dairy! They sell a variety of different sandwiches including a BLT, gyro, panini, stomboli, and pub. And, they're located right next to a new Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant called Sprouts Groceries! Ive been now three times and I've loved everything I've had. Their menu and hours seem to be pretty limited (to mostly sandwiches, but I think you might be able to get vegan waffles too), but hopefully they will be able to expand on both! This is a great restaurant for anyone who wants vegan food but doesn't want to drive into Chicago.

This was the stromboli with Upton's ground seitan, Daiya mozz, and peppers and onions!

This was their HUGE Pub Sandwich! It had Upton's Ground Seitan and Bacon, Daiya Cheddar, and grilled onions!

I found these great prints at the thrift store recently, and they now adorn my bathroom wall!

And I will leave with one of my favorite things ever, I absolutely love Glee and Kurt is my favorite!!!


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