Monday, April 25, 2011


Last week was my birthday, which is my favorite day! I spent it with my boyfriend Michael and got to see a couple of my friends as well. It wasn't a very nice day, so we just basically spent the day eating, antiquing, and going on a "car hike" (driving through the woods and such on super narrow back roads!) Another thing we did, with our friend Monica, was to go look at the houses at Tryon Farm, which is a conservation community. The houses are amazingly unique, some are even built into the hills! Look at how cool this is!:
We had Ethiopian for dinner, and our favorite part was this appetizer. It was a chickpea salad, we didn't think it would be anything that special but it was AMAZING!

A recent thrift store score:

This retro can opener!


  1. That is the cutest can opener ever!

  2. I know! I haven't even checked it to see if it works or not.. It's just there to look at!


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