Saturday, June 25, 2011

Italian Seitan Pizza

Recently I asked Michael what he wanted for dinner, pizza or Italian "beef" sandwiches. And then I thought Italian. Beef. Pizza. I figured it would be great because I recently saw some friends make a  Philly Cheesesteak (seitan) pizza and it looked goood. They used veganaise as the base and then seitan, daiya, and peppers and onions.

So, I decided to make the fattiest, greasiest, best tasting pizza ever (that actually gave Michael heart burn..whoops!) What I did was get some Upton's Italian Sausage Seitan (has anyone had this, it is really good) and I let it marinade in some giardiniera. I used mixed Veganaise and some giardiniera as the sauce, added the crumbled seitan, Pepperjack Daiya, and then some red bell pepper. This pizza was spicy due to the giardiniera and pepperjack and greasy from the oil in the giardiniera, hence the heartburn.. The veganaise added a nice creaminess and, well, veganaise just makes everything taste better! BUT it was amazing!! It was really, really good! Michael actually gave a piece to a nonvegan kid at his work and the kid didn't believe it wasn't vegan..

So, even though this pizza was super greasy, it's nice to have a break from quinoa and steamed broccoli every once and awhile. :)


  1. I've never seen that seitan before but I will keep my eye out! I loooooooove pizza. (and i just bought quinoa and broccoli lol)

  2. This seitan is reallly good!! They are based out of Chicago and use a minimum amount of ingredients! Haha, I just went to an all bulk store and stocked up on my quinoa :)


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