Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dinner and (guilty pleasure) Dessert

Once I get all my photos in order I'm going to do reviews on our vacation!

But, for now, here is what I made for today!
The main course was tofu, carrots, onions, garlic, parsley, and olive oil baked (in a cute pyrex dish) in the oven until the veggies were tender. This was really good, I need to cook whole carrots more often! I got these a bunch of these organic carrots today for $1!! I also got a carton of strawberries, a bunch of spinach, and bell peppers for $1 each as well! So, we have a ton of produce, which makes me happy :)

As a side dish, I made coucous with broccoli and nutritional yeast!

This was a good, quick dinner.

For dessert, Michael sent me an e-mail requesting these cookies. Normally I would say no way, Jose. I usually wouldn't even make the chocolate chip cookies, let alone putting oreos in them! BUT it was Michael's first day back to work and we went the entire week watching people eating delicious looking (non-vegan) desserts while we ate melted chocolate (I'll explain later..). So, because I felt bad he had to go to work while I just sat at home (still searching for a job..) and because I missed dessert, I made them! I only made half a batch and put half an oreo into each one, I also used Earth Balance lite instead of the oil it called for. Of course these were good, but I told Michael to never expect them again. :)

Today I got to go thrifting! I went to two different places and tomorrow I'm going to a huge, community garage sale with my friend Dawn! Hope I find some great stuff! I added some more items to my etsy shop and I'll be adding some more asap!


  1. I've recently started baking tofu and I love it! Just throw it in a pot like you did with any sort of flavoring (garlic/onions, sauces) and then it just cooks itself!! Not too much toiling over the stove. Looks delicious!!

  2. I know, tofu is so versatile, it's my favorite!


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