Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mini Donuts!!!!

My mom recently got me a mini donut maker, and it is the best. appliance. ever. I love it! Mini donuts are soooo cute! Almost too cute to eat! I've made them three times now and each time I'm equally excited by the lil mini creation I've made! The recipe I use is this one, I usually use a little less sugar than it calls for. I haven't yet started experimenting with different donut recipes, only toppings for now. The actual decorating of them is the best part! I've done either glazed, just powdered sugar, or chocolate! And then different types of sprinkles and nuts!

Here is what the donut maker looks like, it's called Babycakes and is basically like a waffle maker, so it only takes about 3 minutes to cook the donuts, and they're baked, not fried! You just pour the dough in and three minutes later, little baby mini donut babies!
You can find the info here.

 These are from my first time making them, taken with my cell phone..

And these ones I made recently with some friends:


  1. These look soooo good!! Brilliant decorating, I always think that's the most important part of a donut! What exactly s a doughnut maker??

  2. I'm gonna add a picture in the post, I should have put that in, it itself is so cute :)

  3. @Amy Lynn Your right!! It's really cute!


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